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Garry Hayes greets you with a smile
Garry Hayes greets you
with a smile every time

It is our belief that each patient treated at OrthoMedix should benefit to the fullest from the orthotic devices with which we fit them.

Although each patient has specific requests and circumstances, this site will only attempt to give general information on the various products and services we offer.  By clicking on the keywords, you can find out about the product or service you are interested in.  In order to appropriately assess your condition, we urge you to arrange an appointment.

The range of products we carry are too numerous to include on this website although we attempt to provide highlights of our most popular devices.  Specific requests, comments or correspondence can be answered by email or by contacting our office.

This site was set up to provide information only.

Note: OrthoMedix does not provide, sell or release its patient list or patient information to any individual or corporation.  Any information requested from a patient is deemed necessary and is strictly for this company's use in providing treatment and for identification purposes; it is not shared, and is kept confidential



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